One of the most comfortable pads and straps available. 2017 ultra light pads straps combo delivers integrated construction with a simplified mounting system and multiple adjustment options for the best support and control. Pads are made of sandwich type construction, featuring ultra lighter EVA foams. Thanks to the bonding of multiple layers of different EVA foams, the pads ensure the highest comfort and amortisation, providing full control over the board at the same time. The whole construction remains extremely light. To maximise the grip, the pads are covered in multi­directional, mat, non­skid pattern and what is essential, they will be as good as new after a thousand pops and landings. Toe grip and heel side wedge makes the pads/straps combo holding even better than before. The riders who like experimenting or have a specific preference will appreciate possibility of multi angle adjustment set­ups of pads and straps.