Patience is a virtue, especially when you are riding waves. Finding the perfect wave may be tricky, but being there for the swell of the decade may be even harder. That’s why you want to have Gas. Getting the most out of any situation is his specialty. Having all the control you need to get all these funny waves. Powerful bottom turns, explosive snaps, speeding up or slowing down - the choice is yours. He does not discriminate. Every wave is perfect. The only rule is: the cleaner the set, the better the performance.

 Designed for:
  Medium to larger size waves, barrels. It works perfect not only in clean sets but also in choppy conditions.

• Thruster fin set up - for tight "off the bottom" and "in the pocket" turns and fast redirection.
• Round squash tail - for faster response, lift and speed.
• High rocker line - for faster and more powerful waves.
• Significant kick tail - for better snaps and release abilites.
• Sharp rails ensures great control in bigger/better waves and help to throw tons of spray.
• Full concave bottom profile - for speed, planning and upwind abilities.

Xenon" GAS is the best choice for those who want to really surf with kite!

5`9" x 18` x 2" 23 liters
5`11" x 18`1/8" x 2" 24 liters
6`1" x 19 x 2" 25 liters