The most beautiful thing about waves is that everyone sees them differently. No matter if you are going for the hollow tubes, on-shore mushy beach brakes or perfect lefthanders – Quadra gives you the freedom to follow your dreams. Strapless freestyle? Say no more. Hybrid shape and kite-specific reinforcements guarantee versatility no matter if you try your first air or that impossible backside handlepass. The path towards progression is ready. Are you?  

Designed for:
Light wind, free ride, small to medium waves and strapless fun/freestyle.

• Quad fin setup - for speed and upwind abilities.
• Moderate rocker combined with fuller outline - for the best planning, and light wind and small waves performance.
• Round tail with slight tail kick - for drown-out turns and better flow.
• Top rail channels - for better board strength and strapless freestyle handgrip.

The entire Quadra range is designed for an average weight rider (65-95kg). Although it is based on the same shape, each size has slightly different characteristics. That’s why the size of your Quadra should be determined mainly by your personal  oard characteristic preferences.

• Quadra 5`7" - It's a perfect choice for strapless freestyle and small waves with on-shore wind conditions. Light, fast, easy to turn and release with superb planning and upwind abilities. If you like to ride mostly in small waves or even no waves or if you want to take your strapless freestyle skills to the next level, the 5`7 " is the board for you.
• Quadra 6`0" - Easy to ride and go up-wind even in light wind conditions. Gives a great surf feeling on waves, as it doesn't require so much power from the kite. If you ride mostly in mid-size wave conditions, like to throw some strapless tricks, and wind is not always perfect on your spot, this is the board for you. It's also a great choice for heavier riders. When there is no wind you can surf with it as well!
• Quadra 5`10" - The purpose of Quadra 5`10" is a happy medium between Quadra 5`7" and 6`0". If you like to combine strapless freestyle and wave riding in small to medium waves, then the Quadra 5`10" should be your choice.