Semente 2017 -
Made in co-op with legendary shaper Nick Uricchio and Semente Surfboards Portugal – the most versatile board in our range: full time kite wave and a surfboard at the same time.
The goal behind the project was to find a shape that would reliably serve both kitesurfers and surfers (and not only be a marketing hype).
It is a full body shape with relatively flat entry rocker and slight tail rocker. It hides big volume (32,5L), which allows the board to plane very fast in low wind conditions while kitesurfing, while also making catching waves while surfing extremely easy.
Xenon x Sementeis is an easy, fun to ride and user-friendly board, no matter if you are a surfer or kitesurfer
Great choice for average, every day conditions, no matter whether you’re surfing or kitesurfing!

 Designed for:
Surfing and strapless kitesurfing. Average, everyday conditions. From beginners to pros.

• EPS/EPOXY bamboo sandwich - for the best weight to strength ratio.
• Thruster fin set up - for tight turns and control.
• Full concave bottom profile - for speed, planing and upwind capabilities.
• Full rails combined with wide outline - for fast planing, easy paddling and stability.

6`0" x 20 1/8 x 2 7/16 32,5 liters