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The Rayo is synonymous with allround performance for all conditions and all levels. The totally new construction of 2014 model made Rayo follow the footsteps of flagship Laluz both in terms of construction and performance-wise. Yet, Rayo still remains the most rider-friendly board in Xenon range. The new Rayo, with its great freestyle potential, will propel you to the next level.

Rayo features most of the technical solutions that had been reserved for LaLuz only. Steps free hull design features CNC machined rail channels. Hybrid bottom shape combines all benefits of single concave with progressive character of double v outflow channels in the tip/tail area. Moderate rocker line and softer flex characteristics with a new tip/tail shape complement this versatile board. All that makes Rayo easy to make progress on and fun to ride no matter the conditions. Each of the sizes was designed individually to maximize its performance.

The pop of Rayo is very accessible- no matter if you are just learning power moves or need to boost high for your most complicated wake style moves. The bigger sizes in the range with great upwind abilities and fast planing characteristics are a great choice for low wind freestyle.

Thanks to the new construction the new Rayo 2014 is 10% lighter than the predecessor.


130 x 40 134 x 41 137 x 42 145 x 44

Novice to advanced riders, for all-round freestyle riding style, light-wind performance.
The funniest board is growing-up? Looks a bit more serious than the previous versions but these are just appearances. After all, it's again about pleasure, fun, sun and holiday time!

Ultra light, fully ajustable straps. New, ultra light, extra-durable, multifoam EVA pads covered in mat, non-skid pattern, with toe grip. Ergonomic grab handle. White G10 Xe 54 mm fins ith flexible washers.
Length 130cm 134cm 137cm 145cm
Width 40cm 41cm 42cm 44cm
Stance 55.5cm, 61.5cm 61.5cm, 65.5cm 61.5cm, 65.5cm 55.5cm, 61.5cm
Core wood wood wood