We do not care if you are just beginning your story with kiteboarding, or you are a pro with years of experience. We want you to kite as much as possible constantly progressing. If you prefer to ride freely around the spot this kite will drive you upwind like a dream. It’s also the best tool to boost high in the sky leaving your everyday reality down below. Do you like to take advantage of those steady 7 knots of wind with your foil? Just grab an AIR 10m or 12m and enjoy every minute of it. For real!
The AIR gives you a phenomenal wind range allowing you to ride when others can’t. Balanced combination of a stable hybrid profile, two pulley bridle and 4 lines control bar makes this kite
intuitive and ease to use. No matter what kite you have ridden so far – you will feel as you had the AIR for years! Last but not least – we managed to achieve low bar pressure keeping that great direct feeling for intuitive steering and effortless use of the kite. Now you can enjoy your ride even longer with no risk of sore muscles the next day.
The trees on the horizon move slowly showing that the wind might not be as strong as have wished? With the AIR you can finally take advantage of those lazy days and empty spots. You see a great forecast coming up fast? Hope you are not afraid of height- because the AIR will take you higher than ever. If you usually kite on spots with gusty winds try the AIR, and feel the difference.
• 7m • 9m • 10m • 12m • 17m heavy riders low wind edition
• Flat hybrid shape
• Medium-high aspect ratio
• 5 strut construction
• Two pulley bridle
• 4 line controlled
• Teijin Technoforce® Canopy