Anyone who is looking for all conditions wave and strapless freestyle kite. Direct bar feeling combined with constant power delivery makes it easy and intuitive to fly. That's why it also works wonder as a user friendly freeride kite.
Riding waves require a predictable kite.The LIP is at your command whenever you need it most. Sketchy wind? No problem, the LIP generates more power, than you would expect. It turns fast and smooth making most of any wind and waves conditions. Down the line drifting abilities gives you freedom to surf without even thinking about your kite. Unexpected crash in impact zone? Instant water relaunch will get you back on board in no time.
Any waves on the horizon? Grab the LIP and have fun surfing them.No matter if it’s on-shore breeze, stormy wind waves or perfect point breaks Forecast looks flat and boring? Make most of it with and take your strapless skills to the next level. All you need is the LIP.
• 5m • 7m • 9m • 11m •
• Delta hybrid shape
• Medium aspect ratio
• 3 strut construction
• Compact one pulley bridle
• 4 line controlled
• Teijin Technoforce® canopy