Big air megaloops in Cape Town? Unhooked freestyle in Brazil? Hitting features in Cape Heaters? We got you covered. If you need a kite that can keep up, the RAD will always be there for you. No matter if you practice your wakestyle, prefer to megaloop over other kitesurfers or occasionally ride waves – you will have rad times with this kite.
Because progress is a natural direction when kiteboarding. You want to learn new tricks but your kite seems to stand in your way? The RAD gives you direct bar feeling so you will always know where your kite is. Once you are set with your kite it is time to discover its performance. This kite pops like a charm, giving you full control, redefining the impossible. Constant power delivery allows you to stay totally focus on your next move.
You think fun - we say RAD. No one likes those gusty winds, but the truth is steady wind is rare. Be prepared for all conditions. This kite will not let you down even if the wnd quality is far from perfect. Many freestyle kites reach their potential only with strong wind.The RAD performs in the whole wind range maximizing your kiteboarding hours.
• 7m • 9m • 10m • 12m •
• Open C shape
• Medium aspect ratio
• 5 strut construction
• Compact, one pulley bridle
• 4 line controlled
• Teijin Technoforce® canopy