Designed with safety, usability and simplicity in mind. THE BAR is a continuous design with integrated floaters, above the bar Clamcleat® depower trimmer and under the bar swivel to untangle the lines any time.
Intuitive, fast and easy to release and reassemble push away quick release. Safety system based on a single front line flag out allows you to fully depower your kite instantly and restart it at your command. Unhooked freestyle mode allows you to use suicide leash. This way you can still use the quick release if needed and get back home safely.
Hi-end made in Germany pre-stretched, coated 100% Dyneema® lines. Increased strength, with reduced diameter results in better aerodynamics and higher performance. No elongation ensures faster reaction, direct bar feeling and extended durability. THE BAR comes with 20m+4m lines.
50cm • 46cm
• Integrated floaters with soft bar ends • Over the bar Clamcleat® depower trimer
• Push away quick release
• PVC covered depower & life line
• Under the bar swivel
• Optimized thickness and grip pattern
• Pre-stretched, coated Dynema® lines
• Stock 20m+4m line length