Liability & Warning


By purchasing and/or using any of Xenon Boards products, the purchaser/user hereby freely agrees to the following terms:

  • The purchaser/user expressly acknowledges being familiar and full understanding of the hazards, dangers, risks and possible damage for him/her, his/her next of kin and third parties, (including severe injury or death) inherent and associated with the purchase and/or use of watersports boards, products and accessories. The purchaser/user expressly acknowledges that using any of Xenon Boards products is at his/her own and sole risk and responsibility.
  • Xenon Boards limited Warranty and liability terms are set out under Xenon Boards website ( The purchaser/user hereby expressly acknowledges that, prior to purchasing and/or using any of Xenon Boards products he/she has read, fully understands and agrees to be bound by Xenon Boards Warranty and liability terms as set out under Xenon Boards website (   Release Of Liability, Waive Of Claim & Assumption of Risk Agreement.
  • Except for Xenon Boards limited warranty and liability terms as set under Xenon Boards website (, the purchasers/users do hereby remise, release, and forever discharge Xenon Boards from and against any and all matters of action, causes of action, suits, debts, entitlements, rights, costs, damage, compensations, judgments, executions, claims and demands whatsoever and howsoever arising, which now has or which may hereafter accrue, and whether known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, in relation or in connection to or arising from the workmanship, materials, condition, quality, durability, fitness for a particular purpose or use, purchase, use or utilization of any xenon boards products.
  • Any & all purchasers/users of any of Xenon's products, boards & accessories, must fully understand and agree to these terms.
  • If you do not fully agree to the terms written above do not purchase and/or use any of Xenon Boards products.


Xenon Boards represented by H&S WATER SPORTS SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ based in Poland, Tyniecka 38A 02-621 Warszawa, Polska, is herein referred to as “Xenon Boards”.