Xenon The Brand


Kiteboarding's best kept secret is finally out and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you.

At XENON, we take immense pride in introducing our brand new twin-tip range, a collection born from 15 years of dedication and passion for the sport of kiteboarding.

Back by popular demand: our tried and tested models have garnered a devoted following since our first launch in 2009. You are guaranteed to make heads turn when you arrive at your kiteboarding spot with your XENON board. Get ready to make a statement on and off the water!

Crafted in Poland: every XENON board is made in Poland from start to finish, using only the highest quality materials. Our twin-tips exemplify the dedication and expertise from 15 years of board-making experience. We are proud to be part of the rich tradition of Polish craftsmanship.

The Perfect Mix of Comfort and Performance: our 2024 range in expertly crafted to deliver an unparalleled mix of comfort and performance. We understand that every kiteboarder has unique needs and preferences. That's why our boards  are designed to cater to all styles of twin-tip kiteboarding. Whether you're an Explorer, a Performer, a Charmer or a Stomper, there is a XENON board waiting for you.

Attention to Detail: we are obsessive about the details. Every XENON board displays unrivaled craftsmanship, ensuring that you experience the best possible ride on the water. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart, making XENON boards a choice that stands above the rest in every wind and water conditions.

Join the XENON Movement: XENON isn't just a brand. It's a movement. We invite you to join our community of passionate kiteboarders who share a common love for the sport and a commitment to excellence. With XENON, you're not just buying a board: you're becoming a part of a riders family that spans the globe.

We are XENON. You can be too. 

Thank you for visiting our website and exploring the 2024 XENON Twin-Tip Range. Whether you're a seasoned pro rider or just starting your kiteboarding journey, we made sure to have the perfect board for you. Get ready to embark on new adventures and make unforgettable memories using wind, water, waves, and your new XENON board.